Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Best of Istanbul (Part 3/3)

Our days in Istanbul were flying by quickly! We tried to balance every day with a major site (or two) in the Sultanhamet, good food, chill-out time at the apartment, and evening outings. It was hard to juggle, but I think in the end we did the best we could. We left carpet-buying and other bazaar purchases until the very last day, which was a good choice. So here's the last top 10 for the final couple days:

1. Wandering the grounds and gardens of the Topkapi Palace
2. People watching in über-posh Bebek, north of the city center
3. Walking through the alleys in/around the Spice Bazaar, stopping to purchase Turkish coffee
4. Getting lost in the neighborhood streets near the Galata Tower
5. Noshing on the best baklava in Istanbul at Karaköy Güllüoglu
6. The amazing history and structure of the Aya Sofia
7. Striking a deal with carpet seller
8. Combing through hundreds of Turkish towels to find the right color combination
9. Eating at a mehane on the crowded Nevizade  
10. Enjoying a glorious sunset with family, friends, mezzes and Turkish wine

What a wonderful trip to Istanbul! Up next: 3 nights on the beach...

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