Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vitamin D on the coast of Turkey

After some rainy weather in Istanbul, we were ready for sun. Thanks to my loving parents, they offered to give us some of their hotel points so we could stay in the super fancy Sheraton on Cesme, a small beach town near Izmir. We had a spectacular room overlooking the still waters and coastline. Plus, there was a huge grocery store just down the street, so every day we stocked up on mezzes and wine and ate lunch and dinner on our balcony.

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One of the highlights of the region is a day-trip to Ephesus, an ancient city dating back to 6000BC. During the Roman ages (1st c BC), the city's population was about 250,000--one of the largest in the world. It was complete with plazas, schools, baths, debate center, library, gymnasium, shops, and of course the impressive Great Theater, which held 25,000 people. The city had an elaborate system of underground pipes and sewer system.

There is still so much to learn about this ancient city. Amazing enough: the remains we see today is only about 20% of the entire city. Keep working hard archeology grad students!

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In ancient times, this promenade lead to the it leads to silt and marsh.

We really enjoyed the fresh Efes and pide! Especially after the long day of touring. 

15-IMG_3486 16-IMG_3495

After two full days of sunning and swimming, we hopped back in our rental car and checked out a small neighboring Greek village, called Alicati. Super adorable town with a whole lot of charm.

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I was sad to leave the sun and holiday vibes of Turkey, but I was certainly looking forward to one thing: rolling out that carpet! Luckily, when we unpacked it, we both still totally loved the carpet. Happy one year anniversary to each other!


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