Friday, May 17, 2013

Best of Istanbul (Part 2/3)

We stayed in a small 2-bedroom flat in the Beyoglu-Galata neighborhood all 6 nights--I highly recommend the area for a longer stay. We ended up going into the Sultanahmet almost every day for sight-seeing, but it was worth staying on the neighborhood-y side, closer to the Istikal and other more interesting neighborhoods.

Ok, here's the next top 10...

1. the gardens and view of the Blue Mosque (not worth the queue to go in)
2. wandering the streets around the Spice Bazaar and the "New" Mosque (from the 1500s)
3. chowing fresh fish sandwiches at the Galata Bridge
4. watching people drink the pickle juice with their fish sandwiches (no thanks)
5. walking the cozy streets of the Cihangir neighborhood
6. finding a small deli for mezes and beer
7. admiring the SF-like homes of Cihangir (with plenty of hanging laundry)
8. wandering through the vintage shops in Cukurcuma
9. ending up on the Istikal, seemingly out of nowhere
10. sunset drinks at Mikla

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