My name is Meredith and I live in Amsterdam with my husband. We just got married in May! I am originally from the beautiful Central Coast of California. I am an urban planner and public health nerd and I love to travel, cook with butter, drink big and dirty red wines, and eat anything delicious. I am also a photography, craft, and design enthusiast, with a particular fondness for sewing, planning parties, and making pretty things.

Living in Holland is wonderful. Of course I dearly miss our friends and family and the hills of San Francisco, but our Dutch life is easy to love. We lived in Rotterdam for a year and have been in Amsterdam since July '12. I have totally fallen for this city; there's always something to see, a new adventure every day, a gezellig (cozy) cafe to try, and of course, riding a bicycle is so easy and so Dutch.

I work as a planner for Stipo and project manager for Copenhagenize. On the side, I blog for Citinerary and Amsterdam Cycle Chic--because nothing is more chic than taking a two-wheel ride through Amsterdam!

The reasons for this blog are 1/3 out of selfishness, another 1/3 to keep me busy, and the last 1/3 for my mom to know that, yes, I am still alive. Most of all, I guess I just like to write and take pictures about adventures...and maybe others like to hear about it.


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