Sunday, June 9, 2013

Czech please!

We were lucky to have dear friend Gadiel come visit us before he headed to Switzerland for the rest of the summer. I always love having friends come visit, not only to show them a part of our life in Amsterdam but also to sit and laugh about good times back home--and get my dose of California gossip.

For a long weekend, we headed to Prague together. None of us had been before and we found super cheap flights and a hostel near the old city center. Perfect for 2.5 days.

Overall, we had a great time. I was surprised and enlightened by the delicious Czech white wines, the difficulty of the language, and vast amount of history and hardship that the Czech have endured. What struck us all, however, was how quiet the city was. Yes, there were tourists, but where were the locals? Already on the coast perhaps? For some reason, the city was hard to connect with. The activities seemed to focus inward, or indoors--literally, doors we couldn't seem to find. Nevertheless, a lovely city and a great time. Here are the highlights, in pictures.

⥥ Coffee and breakfast with a view (Cafe Bella Vida)
⥥ Walking around district 5 and near Ăšjezd
Prague Prague ⥥ Hiking up to Letna Park, for the view and the beer garden
Prague Prague ⥥ Reading all the notes on the John Lennon wall
Prague Prague Prague Prague
⥥ Crossing a 700+ year-old bridge with spooky statues and lots of other tourists
Prague Prague
⥥ Climbing to the castle grounds
Prague Prague Prague
⥥ Eating lots of meat and potatoes, with delicious Czech beer or wine
⥥ After the Museum of Communism, a view of Wenceslas square, where it all happened...
⥥ Wandering through the Old Town streets
Prague Prague

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  1. Meredisu,
    You've made Praha look even more beautiful than it really is. What a facelift you've given it! I'm glad I got to spend the time there with y'all, what with getting fat off of beer and pork knuckle, sipping on tasty gin and tonic, climbing stairs to castles, and maxin' over morning cappucini.
    Lets do it again,


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