Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sights and sounds on my way to work

Most days of the week I head to Rotterdam for work, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I work at our Amsterdam office, located on the Westerdok. Although it's still bitter cold out, I always look forward to my 17 minute bike ride. This is roughly the ride I take (right).

This morning was unusually sunny, so I decided to strap my camera around my neck and take pictures of the everyday life I see on the streets. I didn't look through the viewfinder (safety first!), I just clicked away.

Starting on my street, with trusty Rosa and my pack, some of the things I saw included: trams, people, caf├ęs, coffee shops (like the Amsterdam kind), bikes, people on bikes, really hip people on bikes, road work (men shuffling around bricks), road blocks on the canal streets, a postman on a bike, a postboat, strange pipe installations, small Smart cars (the shared system), more trams, old men on ladders talking to eachother, ladies in fur coats, window washers, trash day on the classy 9 Streets, cars barreling under the train tracks with me, walking up the bike/ped bridge on the Westerdok, the crazy architecture of the Westerdok, and more people on bikes. Phew! Always an exciting adventure!

01-IMG_0698 02-IMG_0696 03-IMG_0701 04-IMG_0707 05-IMG_0708 06-IMG_0710 07-IMG_0713 08-IMG_0716 12-IMG_0721 13-IMG_0723 14-IMG_0726 15-IMG_0727 16-IMG_0735 17-IMG_0737 18-IMG_0739 19-IMG_0742 20-IMG_0748 21-IMG_0751 22-IMG_0752 23-IMG_0755


  1. I just came across your website for the first time this afternoon and wanted to say some of your photos are amazing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Angela! Always lovely to see a new reader! ♡

  2. Superb photos! What an especially "SMART" idea!

  3. I feel like I am back ! I love this idea.


  4. Love the red canvas backpack!

  5. Great photos. It's funny to recognize a few things from my own daily cycle :)

  6. So nice! I work in that area too, and I love to have my lunch on Westerdok!

  7. Great pics Love the dutch bike with the pink basket and the beautiful old buildings and cafe's


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