Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lighting it up in Amsterdam

This will be just a quick one. Where has the time gone! I cannot believe it's almost New Years Eve!

Even though it gets dark at 4pm and light by 10am, the Dutch go a great job at lighting the city at night. The other night Elliot and I went out on our bikes to enjoy a dry evening (and fairly warm at 47ºF) and to check out the Lights Festival on the canals. There are several light artists (a new concept to me!) in town displaying their art on buildings and on walls throughout the city.

Also, each shopping area in the city dawns sparkling lights right when it gets dark out. Makes it a little easier to handle the dark and cold winters here!

1 comment:

  1. We took a canal tour last night to watch the Amsterdam lights exhibit and it was beautiful.
    I also love hearing the explanations repeated in several languages, and figure out how much I can understand.
    I wish you have a fun New Year's Eve, and all the best for 2013.


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