Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another year older!

Celebrating my 30th year couldn't have been better! Where else but Paris. I love love this city. I've written about our trips to Paris a couple times and I just never tire of all the eating, walking, more eating, espresso-drinking, and taking it all in. One of my favorite parts is boarding the Thalys--the fast train. In 3 hours we were in a completely different country, culture, language, even weather patterns (thankfully!). We left Amsterdam on Thursday morning and arrived at Paris Nord around 3pm. After wandering around the Canal Saint-Martin area, we met our friend who we'd be staying with over the weekend. Arnaud drove us to his suburb flat, where his lovely wife Eloise and their adorable two children were cooking up dinner. Back in May, this couple came all the way from France to our wedding in California!

above two photos: Saint Maur village 

Just another breakfast with the Family 

The weekend flew by so fast. Friday started early, and we headed to the city alone for some shopping. We hit a few of my favorite craft and fabric stores and ate wonderful baguette and cheese. Later in the afternoon, we met up with Eloise and went grocery shopping for that evening's meal: boeuf bourguignon. It was delish! Saturday morning, we dropped off the kids at Gram's and headed back to the city. We took an incredible walking tour that Eloise found in a guide book. Included on the walk was a stop at the famous Chartier restaurant--where the food is French and the waiters even more
French. The food was rich, the wine excellent, and the ambience energetic.


The VĂ©libe bike sharing system is huge in Paris!

We walked more after our huge meal, finished the tour -- including the 17th century balcony where some old French man had his arms and legs severed in public. Wow! Not that we were hungry, but I insisted that we get pizza from Al Taglio and take it home to the kids for dinner. I went to this place on my last visit with Leila and had an amazing experience. We brought it home and, yes, it was delicious.

That night, we did a little celebrating, too. Arnaud made me a cake! With real dark chocolate and whipped egg whites instead of baking powder. I was very impressed with his skills.

Eloise put 30 candles on it too, and I made a wish and blew them all out. We stumbled to bed, stuffed with Chartier canard confit, Al Tagio pizza, wine from Burgundy, and homemade chocolate cake. What a day to turn 30!


  1. That's a super fun way to turn 30. This weekend was also the birthday of my husband, so we also had cake and fancy dinner.
    I really love how you can hop on a bus or train (or drive) and be in somewhere very different in a few short hours.
    And Paris is always fun and magical,and full of treats and surprises.
    Congratulations !

  2. Happy birthday. Paris is a great city and it sounds like you had a lot of fun :)

  3. Great post with fantastic pictures, and what adorable kids! I can't wait to hear more when we talk next. xoxo


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