Thursday, November 1, 2012

A birthday bicycle!

Elliot and I both love our Dutch bikes. We use them everyday. Sometimes four times a day. Take Sunday, for example. We biked to the Vondelpark (and then through it); we went to the grocery store and did some Sunday shopping; and on our way home stopped for a coffee. Later, we took our bikes to the Melkweg, a very cool music venue, and enjoyed the weirdness of the band Hot Chip (which could be called a group of interesting sound-makers with the most non-lead-singer of a lead singer. Very cool band.) And then biked home. I'd say we were on and off our bikes for a good four to five hours. Typical Sunday.

Elliot bought his bike in a bit of haste. We'd just arrived in Amsterdam, and he needed one ASAP to get to the train station to get to Hilversum, where he works. This bike was a pretty good deal and the frame fit his frame. But he's never been psyched about his bike. So for his birthday, I decided to do something about it.
Our friend Tim had a bike made by this Portuguese guy who runs Recycled Bicycles here in the city center. He takes old parts, puts them all together, paints them, and sells them. For a pretty good deal too. I called him up and asked what we could do with Elliot's bike to jazz it up. We don't have the budget to buy one of his custom bikes, so I thought a new paint job could suffice. He told me to bring it down to the shop and he'll have a look.

I got there at 9h27. He suggested navy blue paint with orange accents and said, "Lemme take care of it. I think you'll like it."

7 hours and 32 minutes later, he called me. "Your bike is ready." Here's what I got, and on the cheap too. New (but old) bright orange grips, slick blue and orange paint, and upside-down handlebars.

Pretty. Darn. Sweet. Elliot loved it. Happy Birthday!!


  1. Wow, super cool!!! Love your bikes! :)

  2. Before, this bike was looking for a personality. Now, it makes a statement!!!

  3. Pseudo Giants style, too. And that's whats up.

  4. Looks great. My husband and I just moved to Amsterdam and we're about to start bike shopping. Nice to know more about it.

  5. Great birthday gift! Amsterdam looks lovely in the fall! mary h


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