Monday, October 29, 2012

Into the Dutch forest

My parents came to Holland for a lovely visit--to see us and their other friend here. We had a great time together. We finished some projects around the house, ate lots of great food (Indonesian take-out of course!), and went on many outings in Amsterdam and around. My dad has a great blog Kronic Adventures about their trip here with many more pictures.

One of my favorites, besides cycling around Amsterdam, was our trip to the forest. We went to two places, first was the Lage Vuursche, near Hilversum. Tons of wonderful nature, trails, and amazing fall colors. We saw so many kinds of wild mushrooms, too! After our walk, we stopped at one of the four pannekoeken (pancake) restaurants to refuel. So good!

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The second place we went was the Hoge Veluwe National Park, and the famous Kroller-Muller Museum. Elliot and I went to the Kroller-Museum in March, but it was still winter and so foggy that day we couldn't see 10 feet in front of us. One of the best parts of the Museum/National Park is that once you enter the park, you can grab a free white bicycle and cycle all around the park, and to the museum (about 2 miles from the entrance). So fun! Once there, the Museum is fantastic. All the Van Gogh your heart desires (and some very weird modern art), plus a tranquil sculpture garden that you can wander for hours. We took a picnic and snacked among the sculptures. Such a wonderful day!

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  1. What a perfectly Dutch experience.....going to a museum where you must get on
    a bike first and bedal through the forest a bit....and what a forest. We do not see these colors on the California central coast. Thank you for a terrific adventure.

  2. Hi Meredith!
    I'm a cycle chic fan and I found out your blog through the blog Amsterdam Cycle Chic! Love it and for sure I'll follow you from now on!
    I also lived in The Netherlands for 15 months and just love this country and the bike life style!
    Groetjes from Brazil

  3. Thank you for reading Leticia! I think we have Cycle Chic in Brazil too! :)


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