Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tot Ziens Rotterdam

What a crazy week! I finished up a couple projects at work--as best I could. We had a good bye dinner every night and tried to pack, sell, pawn, and throw out all our stuff. Moving is terrible! It makes you never want to buy anything ever again--and it makes you never want to move ever again. All in all, we came with 4 suitcases, about 100kg, and we just shipped 8 boxes at about 20kg each. Man oh man.

We are going to miss Rotterdam, and Holland, dearly. Even if we come back at some point, many things will obviously be different. The wonderful people we've met, some will stay and some will move on. Rotterdam Central Station will be finished. But many things will stay the same--and we have cherished those so much over the last 15 months...wonderful, timely trains, easy bicycling, the Blaak market that has everything you need. We'll miss living below sea level, and viewing the flat landscape speckled with windmills and sheep. I'll miss the three-kisses and gezelig (cozy) cafes. And fresh, warm stroopwafels. Indonesian and Surinamese food. And so much more.

Most of all, I'll miss our lovely Dutch life and the people we've shared it with. I know we won't be able to talk everyday, or have romantic dinners every week, but I know we've made friends for a lifetime. And that skype will help us keep in touch.

In a couple hours we leave for Mumbai. In this crazy world, it was half the price to go from Amsterdam to Mumbai then 3 weeks later, Mumbai to San Francisco, than it was to fly one-way from Amsterdam to SF! So we're off another adventure before we head to California.

So, tot ziens Rotterdam. Literally: till next time. Because we'll be back. At some point.

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