Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I've been hearing this word a lot around here. It means finally. And it's usually said with an emphasis on each syllable, as such: eind-uh-lik.

Yes, we're talking about the weather. It's finally spring! The birds are chirping, the trees are sprouting new leaves, flowers are blooming, the winter coats are stashed. You can feel the elation. Now, don't get too excited--it isn't warm yet. We're still sporting gloves and scarves some days, because it's still about 41ºF in the morning. With highs of 52ºF to 56ºF. So, ya, not warm.

The best part about spring here is that the sun comes up at 6am, nearly reaches the top of the sky, and goes down around 9pm. Plenty of time on the weekends for going to our local park, Sarphatipark. I really love it because it's a locals kind of place. People jogging, walking with their kids, playing with dogs. Just a normal, gorgeous park.

IMG_2073 IMG_2091 IMG_2078 IMG_2094 IMG_2081 
IMG_2084 IMG_2088 IMG_2087

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