Friday, November 16, 2012

House to huis: the decision

How did you decide to move to Holland?

The weather of course! Ok, no, not really. Holland was an easy choice. We wanted to be in Europe and we wanted to speak English, for the most part. Plus, my dad is Dutch, but moved away when he was little. I have great memories of visiting Oma and Opa in Holland and jumping on the trampolines in Scheveningen. I thought it would be nice to return to a family root. 

Both times we moved here, essentially, were for particular reasons--graduate school and then a job. Without either of those I don't know if we would have made the move. I think it would be extremely difficult to come here without a prior arrangement of some sorts (work, education, family). Finding a way to get a work permit would be challenging. If you just graduated from one of the top 150 graduate schools in the world you can apply for a zoekjaar or search year permit, which lasts one year and ended costing me about €700. After the year's up, you can go to a knowledge migrant visa, but there income requirements. I'm telling you, it could be tough--but not impossible!

My Oma's chair, all the way in Holland!

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