Friday, September 14, 2012

My Dutch bike

Meet the new love in my life--my bike. Her name is Rosa. An older, back-braking Batavus. She is totally fabulous and oh-so-Dutch. That's right, she's a she. In Dutch, bike is a he, but for me, she's a she. I picked her up at a local used fietsen (bike) shop, got her rigged up with a front shelf that can hold 25 kilos and is attached to the frame, not the handlebars and front tire--that way the weight in the front will remain evenly distributed (you can see this in the last picture, even when the wheel is turned the crate remains facing forward). I got the wood crate at another bike shop. It was an impulse purchase--I really would like a wicker basket, so I'm keeping my eyes out for one and see how long this crate lasts (it rains a lot here).

The light on this bike is old school and powered by a small instrument attached to the wheel, so no batteries necessary. It does slow me down a little, though. And my bell is very cool and very loud. It's called a ding-dong bell, because it sounds like this: DING DONNGGGGG! It's very important to have a loud bell in this city for several reasons. First, cars. Cars can hear it. Second, tourists. SO many tourists who are lost, looking at their maps, and standing in the middle of the bike path. I'm not angry at them (really!), I just want to give them a courteous ding-dong to get out the way. Third, other cyclists. If I pass another cyclist, I'll often give them a little warning--just the first part, a ding. I keep one finger on the metal of the bell to dull the sound.

Elliot and I have been going on loads of bike rides through the city. It's so easy to get around by bike and you always find something new. One of our favorite places to ride is through the Vondelpark around sunset. You see all types of people, families, travelers. All types of bikes, too. Joggers. Dog-walkers. Such a great park.

Alright, off to be a good wife and start cooking some dinner! More to come on the new apartment next blog. ;)

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