Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy New Year (in February)!

Better late than never, right? That's my motto.

Well, in Holland, we celebrated Old Year's Night just as the Dutch do--enjoying loads of fireworks, Grolsch, and a glass of prosecco on the streets at midnight. Our Italian friends joined us on the Erasmus Bridge for the spectacular firework show that seriously lasted at least 17 minutes and 14 seconds--according to the time lapse from my first photo to the last. Who said we were in an economic crisis?! Apparently pyrotechnics is the field to be in, and stick with.

Fireworks are legal in Holland at this time of the year, and this year the strong ones are coming from Eastern Europe, not China anymore. A couple days before New Year's you start hearing them fire off--BANG!!--and by 2pm on December 31st it already sounds like a war zone outside your window. It's actually scary! And definitely not safe. Groups of young guys huddle together on street corners, light them, and then throw the fireworks in the middle of the street, just to scare the cars and cyclists. Not cool! Mostly they're the fireworks that just make a loud noise, but still.

After the truly awesome show on the bridge, we headed back to our new apartment (oh, we moved by the way!) near the Witte de Withe straat. Our neighbor set off this giant hose-like firework just across the street--totally nutso!

Happy New Year from Rotterdam!

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