Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good ol' Rotterdam in Movember!

In case you didn't know...it's Movember here, too. Funny how those things travel continents.

Ok, back to Rotterdam... it's always fun to show a good friend around our newfound home here. Martin was on a business trip in Switzerland and was able to take a few days to grace us with his presence in Holland. He got a whirlwind tour of Delft, Den Haag, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam--pretty good for a first time visit in the country! Our tour of Rotterdam started on bikes, of course, and we first visited the must-see "Santa with a butt plug." Yes, that's the real name of the statue. Oh, Rotterdam.

Then we rode through the Museumpark, saw the Euromast tower, and wound our way through Het Park (literally means, The Park). Gorgeous fall colors!

[above] Museumpark [below] Het Park

Next up: haaring broodjes on the Niewebinneweg. When isn't it a lovely day for raw herring on bread?! A little diced onions--and voilĂ !--wonderful meal for under 2€. A good beer must wash it down as well.

A famous Dutch lunch

Along the way, we found ourselves at the entrance of the Maas Tunnel--an underground bicycle and pedestrian tunnel that traverses the width of the River Maas. We'd heard about this before, but never seen the entrance. After hauling our bikes down the 100-year-old wooden escalator, we rode all the way through and up to the other side. We weren't sure where to go after that, but we could see the Erasmus Bridge, so home couldn't be far. It only took us another 30 minutes to get back to a familiar place.

The Maas Tunnel: bikes only (peds below)

By then we all needed another snack. Just so happened that we were approaching Kop van Zuid, the ultra-modern peninsula I wrote about here. We stopped at Hotel New York and shared a piece of their lovely appeltaarte. Heerlijke!  

Kop van Zuid in the background

Turned out to be a gorgeous day, too! That evening Marty treated us to fantastic Indonesian fare and then we all headed to some very hip music venue called WORM on the westside of town. Three Korean guys were "playing" trippy experimental music from machines like a typewriter, tin on a record player, portable amplifier that made screeching sounds when it was moved, and even small vibrating hand massagers thrown all over the stage. Weird, man.

While I worked the next day, Elliot and Marty checked out Delft and Den Haag. They rented electric-assisted bicycles for the trek. After hours and hours of cycling, and another hour and half to get home from Den Haag (25km) they'd had enough! ....and could barely walk!

Fun times!

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