Thursday, July 28, 2011

217 days of rain...

PER YEAR in this country! Today must be Day 218. We seriously haven't seen the sun in two weeks. No. Sun. It's pretty depressing, I have to say.

Nevertheless, I tried to make the best of it this week.

On Sunday, it was raining and we were going to have dinner guests, so I thought I'd make lasagne--a good indoor activity. I made the lasagne using this recipe--delicious, however, the name of the recipe (Simple Baked Lasagne) is very deceptive. Two of Elliot's classmates (Americans) came over for dinner and really enjoyed the meal. One of them lives in the dorms, so he really enjoyed a home-cooked meal.

On Monday, it was raining lightly, so I went to the gym. While I was there, I noticed the fantastic view of the church from the 3rd floor. And guess what?! The scaffolding is finally coming down! I'll have to share a picture next post.

The rest of the day, I sewed. I made a dual-sided table runner and some fun coasters!

On Tuesday, even though it was drizzling, I made my market run. I scouted some great ingredients for about 25€. Gotta love the market!

Wednesday was Elliot's last day of class and, yes, it was raining. About 20 of his classmates are leaving Rotterdam to spend the last term at other universities on exchange--a 'going abroad' program, if you will. [When asked if he was planning to study abroad, Elliot said, 'No, I already am!'] Last Saturday we went to a good-bye party for one such student, an Italian guy, Danilo, who is taking off for Singapore with his French girlfriend, Veronique. They are leaving tomorrow! Veronique is in my book club here, so I will definitely miss her. 

[TOP] A few book club girls: Emmy, me and Veronique
[BOTTOM] RSM boys: Elliot, Danilo, Arnaud, Jorge
Wednesday evening, we headed to Den Haag for a dinner party for one last good bye to Danilo and Veronique. We went to a great, cozy Italian restaurant and ate some delicious fare with wonderful company. 

Finaly, it's Thursday. And guess what, it rained today! Not the whole day, but we got a good soaking. 

Tomorrow we're off for Croatia for 15 days! Holland, I love you, but I love the sun more! See you when I get back!


  1. Enjoy your trip and soak up some sun, lady! Lots of love to you and E!!!

  2. Have you read the Feminine Mystique? Great book ;p

    Tell E congratulations! And if the business thing doesn't work out, I think there might be a market for the guys in that picture to start a boy band. That's a bunch of good lookin' dudes.

    Have fun in the sun!

  3. Yah, the dudes are good looking, but what about those chicks! Fine!
    But the pics in the rain...... Also very fine. That must be the silver lining in the rain.... Good photo ops!

  4. We definitively enjoyed our last supper in DH with you guys! We moved all our stuff to Amsterdam today... and still don't understand how so much stuff could fit in our small apartment ;)

    Enjoy Croatia and summer... finally!!!


  5. Hi! I love seeing your photos of Europe - I love the rain and it just seems so lovely and cozy there.

    I am stopping by to let you know that you won a pass to Frizz & Frills but it is in San Francisco and I am thinking you are not located around there, correct? :) Well, either way, thank you for reading my blog!

    xo, danni

  6. I like the photo of the boots in the rain - very cool. But I'm sure you'd rather have been taking the shot in the sun! Also, that cheese looks yummy - probably aged at least 3 years, eh? -dad

  7. I'm just gonna throw it out there - I'm wondering how you took the picture of the boots in the rain without your socks getting soaked? Hope you got yoruself 15 days of sunshine to make up for SOME of the agua. xo


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