Tuesday, January 4, 2011


...is a staple here in the Netherlands - possibly even a food group! It's a delectable, razor thin, frisbee-sized pancake that usually holds some butter and powdered sugar, and if you're up for it, a drizzle of cognac. Pannekoeken's littlest sister is the poffertje (POFF-er-chya), a bite size space ship saucer of dough also doused with butter, powdered sugar ... and cognac. 10 for 2.50 Euros, served hot. Perfect for the 30-degree weather nowadays! The middle child of this flour-y family is the olliebolle (OH-LEE-bohl), which only makes its stubbornly, unceasing appearance during the holiday season at every corner of every street. Biting into this baseball of deep-fried dough, literally an ‘oil ball,’ causes a cloud of powdered sugar to cover your entire face (and hands and lapels and the tops of your shoes); but the crunchy outside and warm center is worth the dusting off after.



Anyways, back to life itself. I am here in Rotterdam along with my partner/significant other/fiance for a one-year (maybe more) adventure in the Low Lands (and beyond). He will be studying at Erasmus University, which we've come to know is highly regarded by the Dutch, and I will be … well, I have several items on the agenda, some of which have not yet been fully hashed out.

Here is a rough sketch of what I intend to do on a day-to-day basis:
  • Take language classes
  • Shop at the local markets
  • Cook all meals at home
  • Sew
  • Take advantage of my ‘partner membership’ at Elliot’s school gym
  • Read (for fun!)
  • Explore the city by bike (in wonderful, 6-foot wide cycle tracks)
Here is a rough sketch of what I intend to do some of the time:
  • Schedule guests’ visits (yes, that’s YOU!)
  • Go to other Dutch cities
  • Travel by train (Paris = 2.3 hrs)
  • Maybe get a job

Well, we'll see how all that goes! So far we've been spending lots of time just wondering the snowy streets of Rotterdam and trying to get a sense of the seemingly wacky city.

Snowy days

The Oude Haven (Old Port) with Willemsbrug

The Cube Houses (yes, they are houses)

Stairs to Willemsbrug

Yep, we're here in R'dam

Next up: our new apartment



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